It took the owners about 15 years to materialize their long held dream and another three years to be able to accommodate our guests.

In order to provide our guests with a unique safari living experience, we were looking for a spot off the beaten track. We were determined to find a location where tranquility is guaranteed and nature is to be enjoyed in all its facets. Including viewing the ever impressive migration of the Wildebeests, Zebra’s and Topi’s etc.

We found a suitable spot south of the Simiti Hills. Our choice of this exclusive location faced us with a few obstacles to conquer. Infrastructure was non-existent, the hills with its overheating effect on our engines and the Dutwa plain, with its rich black cotton soil.

Just imagine the truck being sunk in mud up to its chassis, sometimes up to 15 days and the hard labor of unloading the materials, manhandling them to higher grounds and reloading the truck after recovering it (and often enough the recovery truck). The final obstacle was the Mbalageti River itself, which often meant another session of unloading, recovery and reloading.

Mild shadow

Welcome to Mbalageti, Serengeti.

Now, seeing all the sweat, blood and tears paying off and we are ready to receive you as a guest, we are more than proud to welcome you to Mbalageti, Serengeti.

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Our wish to use natural materials in the construction and to secure the environment of the beautiful Serengeti was a test on our patience as well. Availability of material is depending on the seasons and the development of the Lodge had to be performed without impact of nature.

All our tented chalets has got its own privacy and needed to be situated in such a way that both the astonishing view and the immediate surroundings should be enjoyed without even cutting a tree. Any bush or tree that might have been destroyed was relocated.